Wii Homebrew Installation Guides and Tutorials:

Welcome to my tutorial section, in this part of the website all of my tutorial from installing Wii Homebrew to basic Wii hacking guides will be added weekly. All are in video format to make everything easy and quick to understand. All of the guides will consist of "Requirements", "Downloads", and a Step by Step instructions. All downloads will be available within the "Downloads" section. Let the tutorials begin!

How to install the Homebrew Channel for Wii (Video 1):



This is the guide on how to copying the Twilight Hack to your Wii and as well,install the Homebrew Channel.

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- Nintendo Wii (Product to be hacked)                                                       - Wiimote + Nunchuk (Navigation of Wii)      - SD Card (External sources of Data)                                                           - Twilight Princess (Installation Method)                                                      - Access to PC (Preparing SD Card for Wii)  - WinRAR (To gain access of the downloaded files)


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